I-Percut® is a technology that combines a smart punching bag cover, the I-Perskin with a mobile app. Before your boxing training session, you slip the I-Perskin onto your bag. Connect it to the app and plan your session. Once your program has started, the LEDs will sequentially light up the targets. Hit them. During your practice, I-Percut tracks and measures your hits. You can monitor your progress with precise data on the momentum, force, reactivity and volume of your hits.

I-Percut is made for any athlete who boxes or wants to box or kickbox

The I-Perskin will be available internationally from 2023. Be ready !

You need a punching bag, a smartphone (with internet access) to install the application, boxing gloves and most of all, the determination to surpass your limits and make daily progress.

There are training programs for each level. Are you just starting out or preparing for a match? Our boxing training programs are suitable for anyone.

Our team has developed training sessions that address the different types of boxing: French boxing, English boxing, Thai boxing, fitness boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc. No matter which one you practice, you will find your program!

I-Percut offers interactive programs for the punching bag that allows professional or amateur boxers to progress according to their level. All of our exercises are designed to allow any athlete to develop their rhythm and meet their goals. If you are just beginning, we strongly recommend being assisted by a coach. Nothing ever replaces a coach to really learn to correctly position and execute a punch.

Our training programs are designed by our engineers in partnership with coaches and professional boxers and there are punching bag exercises for women and men. They meet the needs of various goals: learning and working on combos, adjusting movement, improving cardio, refining physique and developing the momentum, reactivity and volume of the punch.

There are two types of training. Guided mode and free mode.

Guided mode includes exercise programs offered by the app to reach your goals.

Free mode is like a video arcade game. You are free to program your session according to your mood and the time that you have. Hit the sensors however you like!

Yes! Whether I'm an amateur or professional, I choose my boxing circuit training according to my improvement goals and my style of boxing or kickboxing.

Yes! The application is collaborative. If you are a boxing coach or advanced boxer, you can easily create your signature exercises by contacting our team. Your community can then access your boxing training programs for the punching bag.

Yes and it's a great experience for the group! Everyone connects their smartphone to the I-Perskin of their choice and then starts the training session. Put on your gloves and together, start your I-Perskin... 3, 2, 1, GO!

The mobile app and I-Perskin are evolutive. New features will be implemented as they're developed and there will be lots of surprises!

I-Percut will also be going into gaming. Our app will become the largest digital ring in the world. We are already trying out career mode in e-sport mode (virtual matches and ranking). This will be available in 2023.

- I-Percut adds value to your fitness, boxing or general sports facility. This new concept allows you to offer another approach to lessons with connected boxing circuit training.

- This approach is fun, interactive and focuses on precision in the user's performance. It will modernize your image by providing a new tool for committed athletes to measure their performance and progress.

– I-Percut allows them to quickly stand out from the competition and generate additional revenue.

- I-Percut is a reliable tool to measure performance over time. It helps identify points of progress but also weaknesses to better address them. It helps create programs which stand the test of time, a tool for customer loyalty.

- This approach is fun, interactive and focuses on precision in the user's performance. It will modernize your image by providing a new tool for committed athletes to measure their performance and progress.

– I-Percut allows them to quickly stand out from the competition and generate additional revenue.

No matter what your level, you can use I-Percut. Whether you're a beginner or at an advanced level, dive into smart boxing. Practice your combos, work on cardio or strengthen your physical health. Set up your training programs to meet your goals. Box, track your progress and improve step by step.

For hanging punching bags, there are currently 4 sizes of I-Perskin, which covers most hanging bags on the French market:

Length X Diameter:
180 cm X 40 cm (about 71 in X 16 in)
180 cm X 35 cm (about 71 in X 14 in)
150 cm X 40 cm (about 59 in X 16 in)
150 cm X 35 cm (about 59 in X 14 in)
For freestanding punching bags:
Length X Diameter:
120 cm X 35 cm (about 47 in X 14 in) : currently in development, will be available in the 1st quarter of 2023

Note well:
40cm (16 in) diameter = bag perimeter of about 125cm (about 49 in)
35cm (14 in) diameter = bag perimeter of about 110cm (about 43 in)

If you're unsure, contact our customer service department

No matter what its size, I-Perskin weighs less than 2kg (about 4.4 lb).

Installing I-Perskin takes less than 10 seconds.

Removing I-Perskin takes no more than 10 seconds, as much time as it takes to install!

This product is designed to co-exist with as many I-Perskin as you want; there is no limit.

Yes, it only takes a few seconds! The material is designed to slide over the surface of the bag; simply slip it on like a cover and tighten the pullstring so that it stays in place during use.

I-Perskin is designed with a highly resistant material, so it can stays on your bag all the time. Leaving the I-Perskin on the bag also limits deformation of the bag if it remains suspended all the time.

Simply pull the USB cable from its pouch in the back of the I-Perskin and plug it into a phone charger or a powerbank. Charging time is around 4 hours.

I-Perskin has an average battery life of 14 days with normal use and 8 days with intensive use.

If the battery is weak, all sensors will light up red to indicate that it needs to be charged.

Yes! On the back of the I-Perskin, there is a zipper pocket. It is designed for this very situation. Simply connect the USB cable to a power bank and place it all in the pouch. You can continue to use I-Perskin while it's charging.

Are you a professional and you're having a technical problem with your I-Perskin? We will send a new one within 48 hours.

We provide customer service that you can contact with any questions about our Products and/or Services by email at sav@i-percut.com or by phone at +33 (0)5 31 60 20 29 (France).

By placing an order, you are entitled to the guarantees applicable to each product. These guarantees can vary according to the State where you normally reside. You will find the guarantees applicable to your Product in the document, "I-Percut European Commercial Guarantee for I-Percut Products".

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