One App,
a bag
and yourself.

Preview of the I-Percut App Preview of the I-Percut App Preview of the I-Percut App Preview of the I-Percut App

The app in detail

Boxing exercises on a mobile app

Preview of the I-Percut App

Preview of the I-Percut App

Preview of the I-Percut App

Preview of the I-Percut App

It's quick and easy.
Do you do French, English or Thai boxing, fitness boxing, kickboxing or MMA?

Start I-Percut at the beginning of your session. Access a coaching program. Plan your course and create boxing exercises according to your level. Analyze your data after exercising and the improvements in your performance over time.


man hitting a smart punching bag

Reach your goals and surpass your limits by tracking hits and statistics in real time. Stay focused on your bag training. The app takes care of the rest.

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Precise data to become a better boxer

Measures your force with the app


Measures your force with the app

Your force
Increases the power and pressure of your hits.

Increase your boxing power

Your momentum
Enhances your velocity and your cardio during sessions. Strengthen your skills.

Increase your boxing speed

Your Volume
supports a more complete game.

Increase your boxing hit volume

Your reactivity
Improves your concentration and reflexes.

Increase your boxing reactivity
I-Percut boxing app that tracks your skills


Track your activity. All session results are stored in your app to evaluate your progress.

boxing app connect to your punching bag


The app allows you to connect to any I-Perskin.

Use the app on the free mode

Free Mode

Blow off some steam! Customize your rounds according to your mood.

USe the app on the Guided Mode

Guided Mode

Training programs designed by professional boxers are available. Regardless of your goals and your level, select your program, hit and make progress.

Switch to career mode!

boxing with feet and fists on a punching bag

Get into the game and become a real competitor in e-sport mode! Build up your boxing, practice your combos, then get ready to fight. Organize virtual matches. Measure yourself against other boxers by sharing your performance.

Challenge the pros in the largest online ring in the world.

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